Read The Top 5 Most Popular Global Contract Manufacturing Blog Articles of 2016

Last year we launched our blog and began creating articles for our clients, prospects and colleagues to keep you better informed about the contract manufacturing industry and supply chain management.  Along the way our readership has grown.

We wrote more than 25 articles and launched our first white paper Critical Criteria for Selecting a Contract Manufacturer.  You responded by downloading and reading this information, and we thank you.  Below is a list of the top five most popular articles from our library.  We thought we would share them again to get the new year started.

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[CASE STUDY] Design to Assembly Contract Manufacturing Solution

Some manufacturing solutions require a great deal of development and production of component parts as well as assembly. This was true in this case study, where Mars International acted as a manufacturing partner providing both plastic and metal components.

Business Situation

Mars International client of Natick, MA was established by the venture engineering firm, Manifold Products, also based in Natick.

Outsmart has developed a unique, intelligent energy management system that “transforms a building’s existing electrical wiring infrastructure into a real-time power management network."

This system takes advantage of the infrastructure using OutSmart's proprietary powerline protocol turning it into a communication network for power consumption data. It can monitor how much electricity is being used at specific locations wherever an EnergyMate module is deployed, thus providing visibility into energy costs, equipment performance, and electrical infrastructure. Building owners and facility managers can remotely monitor the data through a web-based dashboard to make energy consumption decisions to lower the total cost of building ownership.

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[CASE STUDY] Complex Product Design, Evaluation, Testing, and Manufacturing

Mars international’s engineering team was asked to develop a sophisticated product which required the design of many sub-assemblies and components. The client had a concept but needed the engineering expertise of a manufacturing partner to help develop the product and bring it to market.

Business Situation

Mars International client Wheaton Science Products, a division of Wheaton Industries Inc., is a leading marketer and supplier of laboratory research products for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and university laboratory markets. Included in Wheaton’s product portfolio were a series of hand-operated manual crimpers and decappers for a variety of vial sizes and cap seal types. They were interested in developing an electric fully automatic crimper / decapper to extend their product line to support laboratory applications where improved productivity and efficiency would be welcomed. To develop the product, they needed a partner who could work with their product concept and offer a total product solution by supporting a concept study and evaluation, the design and development of the chosen product, the manufacturing of all product components and assemblies including plastics, metals and the printed circuit boards, the assembly of the sub-assemblies and final product, and the delivery of the product in a custom designed foam protected carry case.

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[CASE STUDY] Electronics Engineering for a Remote Control Transmitter & Receiver

In this case study, we will review a solution the Mars International Electronics Engineering Team provided to a leading wireless boat lift systems manufacturer.

Business Situation

A Mars International client, GEM Remotes of Naples, Florida is a leader in the field of wireless boat lift control systems. They were looking to add features and improve the product design of their existing remote control transmitter product and their existing receiver control board that is located in the local control box. They desired to reduce the number of parts in inventory while providing enhanced ease-of-use features, improved waterproofing of the remote transmitter, and upgraded motor control capability. The final product designs needed to offer price competitive solutions while providing better, more reliable and field-upgradable products with the flexibility to meet the requirements of both their manual and auto-stop products.

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